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Questions (Scroll down for more. At the bottom of the page are the answers!)

1. You go to school and you forgot it was mufti day and evryone else was wearing their own clothes. Do you...


A. Rush home and change.

B. Ask to Borrow Someone's Clothes.

C. Cry in the bathrooms.

D.Not that bothered just get on with the day.

E. Faint.



2. Somebody calls you a wimp. Do you...


A.Tell the Teacher


C.Call them a wimp back.

D.Ignore them.

E.Punch them in the stomach.


3. It's the popular kids disco. What do you wear...


A .Something Casual


C.Pink Frilly Dress

D.A tracksuit.

E.Something Cool







Mostly A's=Kimberley

Mostly B's=Nadine

Mostly C's=Cheryl

Mostly D's=Nicola

Mostly E's= Sarah

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