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32 years old
About Me

I love Australia and Koala Bears and my dog Lucky!!!

32 years old
About Me

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Amanda Cheryl Fan
About Me


I am Cheryl's No.1 fan!!! Girls Aloud rule!

My fave song is Something Kinda OOh!

Cheryl is my idol!

Whats your Fave GA song?

Something Kinda Ooh.

34 years old
About Me

Hiya, My Site Is:

Please Take A Look!


Whats your Fave GA song?

All Of Them!!

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Cate aka Kimberely Walsh
Site Owner
About Me

heya i'm cate ;)

i love girls aloud, and used to be their biggest fan!

much love xx

Whats your Fave GA song?

The Show!

Cheryl Cole Rocks
About Me

I live in London and adore Cheryl Cole! She is my idol!!! I am honestly her no 1 fan! I don't know anyone who loves her more than I do!

I own so please check it out!

Promotion sig 2

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Whats your Fave GA song?

Something Kinda Ooooh

Chim 4 Ever
About Me

i love chim

Whats your Fave GA song?

call the shots

Dancing Queen
About Me

I love Kit Cat!!!!


David Michael
75 years old
About Me

Hi !

My name is David and my wife and I recently retired from our jobs (teachers), and we are thoroughly enjoying our retirement . We sleep late when we want, we travel, we read a lot and we enjoy learning new things on the internet.

My wife has learned a lot of different recipes for fun dishes at she can really bsweet . I have learned how to build web pages (sort of anyway), and I have also tried to take up home improvement projects. I made a web page for a friend of mine, it isn't all that great but I am still learning. Anyway, here it is boresha bcreamy  . So keep an eye out for me and maybe I'll be a big time web designer for my wife's up and coming cooking career !

About Me

My name is Jimmy and I am a mortgage broker and insurance agent in Southern California. As you can imagine, both of those industries right now are in  a bit of a slow down; so when it is slow in my office I just surf the net. This site is great. Check mine out when you get a chance...Skinny Coffee


I only have my coffee in the morning, but since im on my diet,   Boresha Skinny Tea is better for me later in the day. It's a cold drink and gives me a boost while im waiting for the phone to ring; hah ! 


About Me

My fave food is CHOCOLATE!  I really like girls aloud!

Sarah rocks

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