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Welcome to kimbeley walshworld. It's all about Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud! Kimberley is my idol and this is a fansite for her. I do not kow her or work for her! We have a new Picasa Web Albums Account and if you are a member you should of had a PM about the Username and Password. There is a box called Sucribe to My Site and if you subscribe on that you will get The Recent News, Photos, Updates about my site and much more! Please join the site because then you will be able to post on the forum, add photos and much more also credit to Cheryl Cole Rocks we have Elite Affiliates instead of Links and if you want to Affiliate with us  then click on the page Appply For An Affiliate. If you have any problems or quiries, questions ideas etc please PM I will be happy to hear from you because I like to chat! I will be updating the site over the next few weeks with new widgets, pages, forum topics and much more I am also looking for 1 new moderator and 2 more Limited Members! So please tell everyone about this site and share it with your friend on the share button on the sidebar! I hope everyone has fun on the site and we have some more contents boxs with the newest pictures and our newest member and more newest things underneath so scroll down! Thanks alot, Cate (Site Owner) xxx

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Kimberley Walsh


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Welcome everyone to kimberleywalshworld.

My name is Cate and I am Kimberly's No.1 fan. Most people who are members should know me.

Please join my site! My favourite song in the whole world is the loving kind.

Kimberley Walsh is my idol and it would be a dream come true to meet her!

On this site you can look at pictures, videos, news and much  more and if you are a member you get to go on the mebers page. OOOH! If you would like to say something to me click on my profile on the members and write a comment. This site is all about Kimberley Walsh and a bit about Girls Aloud.

Have Fun!

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